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Thank you for your interest in St. Joseph’s Prep!

Each year, the Admission Office at the Prep reviews a highly competitive group of young men to fill approximately 235-240 spots available in our freshman class.
The Application for the Class of 2029 opens in the middle of August 2024. For additional information, please email
Transfer candidates should visit this section of the Prep's website for more information. St. Joseph’s Prep does not discriminate for any reason including race, religion, or national origin in the admission of students or in the administration of its policies.
St. Joseph’s Prep does not discriminate for any reason including race, religion, or national origin in the admission of students or in the administration of its policies.

Criteria for 9th Grade Admission

List of 4 items.

  • Prep Entrance Exam

    Once your application is submitted, all applicants must take the Prep Entrance Exam, administered on Saturday, November 11, 2023 or Sunday, November 12, 2023. The Prep utilizes the H.S.P.T. (High School Placement Test). Students will also be required to complete an essay at the conclusion of the Entrance Exam. The exam and essay will last three hours.

    Learn More About Test Prep Programs
  • Admission File

    When reviewing candidates, the Admission Committee will consider your entire Admission file.

    Your Admission file includes, but is not limited to:
    • Your strong desire to receive a Jesuit education rooted in Ignatian spirituality
    • Your score on the Entrance Exam
    • Your thoughtfulness, ability to reflect, and creativity on your Entrance Exam essay
    • Your transcript/grades
    • Your teacher recommendation
    • Your history of leadership in clubs/activities/athletics/service projects/etc.
  • Academic Performance

    All applicants should strive to achieve mostly "A" grades (or comparative numerical scores) in his 6th and 7th grade final report cards and 8th grade first report card, receive an outstanding recommendation from his teacher(s), and receive a satisfactory score on the Entrance Exam.
  • Decision Letters

    Admission decision letters for the Class of 2028 will be delivered on Wednesday, December 20, 2023. An electronic version of the decision will be uploaded to the applicant's myPrep portal as well. For those who apply for aid, Financial Aid decision letters will be emailed on Wednesday, December 27, 2023.
    Note: Admission decision letters and Financial Aid decision letters are sent separately.

Class of 2029 Application To-Do List Deadlines:

Process Step
Due Date
Online Application for Admission:
(late applications are accepted on a limited basis)
Online Financial Aid Application (optional):
One Teacher Recommendation:
A copy of your academic transcript for 6th grade, 7th grade, and any standardized test results:
Your most recent report card for 8th grade should be uploaded once it’s available and not later than Friday, December 13, 2024. If nothing is available by December 15, it will NOT change the timeline of an applicant's decision as long as all other required materials have been received.

NOTE: 8th grade report card can be from the 1st quarter, 1st trimester, or a progress report from the first few months of 8th grade.

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